The Meeting was organized in Nakhchivan Organized by NCE

The event titled “Impact of the pandemic on the private sector in Nakhchivan and related proposals and discussions” was held by the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.
At the event with the participation of entrepreneurs at the Nakhchivan Business Center, the chairman of the Confederation Vugar Abbasov said that the main goal is to support entrepreneurs in market competition, to create a voluntary union around the confederation in order to increase business activity.
Speaking about the facilities that will start operating in 2020, Vugar Abbasov said that this year, business entities have created production and service facilities for 63 projects in various fields of economic activity due to state support and private investment. As a result of the work done in this area, the production enterprises operating in the autonomous republic today, along with meeting the consumer needs of the population, have led to the expansion of export potential.
The chairman of the confederation said that one of the main issues of interest to businessmen in the current situation is the study and evaluation of market opportunities, for which the confederation provides a number of assistance. The confederation, which protects the rights of entrepreneurs during pandemics and works closely with government agencies and international organizations, helps to make the most of the conditions created.
Khudakarim Mammadov, head of the department of the Ministry of Economy of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, spoke about the support provided by the ministry to entrepreneurship, and Turgut Abbasov, head of the department of the State Customs Committee, about the assistance provided to entrepreneurs in paying customs duties.
Then, the views of entrepreneurs on the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs in the context of the pandemic were heard and mutual discussions were held.