The Business Center hosted a meeting of the Confederation of entrepreneurs of NAR dedicated to the results of 2018.

It was noted that relations with entrepreneurs are maintained regularly, proposals and recommendations are given to them in the monitoring carried out to stimulate production and export.

    In the period of mass production of products in the interests of local entrepreneurs, appropriate measures are taken to create a healthy competitive environment and protect the domestic market. A training plan has been prepared for those wishing to start entrepreneurship. In order to further strengthen the class of entrepreneurs and formalize new entrepreneurs in the Autonomous Republic, a course was organized for 60 people who want to start entrepreneurship in Noxcivon Business Center.

    At the event, the Department of the Ministry of Taxes of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Zahid Ganbarov informed about the amendments and additions made to the tax code, Ismayil Mammadov, an employee of the State Customs Committee of the Autonomous Republic, about the procedure for ensuring, suspending, cancelling and restoring the right to use the Green Corridor issue system at all times. The work plan of the Confederation for 2019 was approved at the event. Problems faced by entrepreneurs discussed.